I always say there is at least one podcast out there for everyone. And that includes kids! When I get asked about what podcasts are good to listen to with children and together as a family, I always suggest shows about animals. Personally, I love animals and I would say most kids do, too. Whether centered on a particular species or just creatures in general, I find the best animal shows to be both entertaining and informative for listeners of all ages. And as much as I think I know about an animal I always learn something new. So, here is a list of what I believe to be the 6 best animal podcasts out there. Give them a listen next time you are driving to and from practice or just hanging out at home looking to entertain the whole family.

1. Varmints

Varmints Podcast

Varmints is a great podcast dedicated to all things furry, scaly, and feathered. Each episode features a different animal from all over the world. The hosts discuss where they live and what they consume. Moreover, they go over the animal’s prominence in pop culture and the likeliness of either host ever trying to eat it. They are funny, entertaining and never pass up the opportunity for a good pun! Of course, these hosts keep things PG for the most part. But that doesn’t mean they can’t still make you laugh while teaching you the facts about all your favorite birds and beasts. Check out their archives to find out about your favorite animal, or start with one of my favorites: Episode 56: Flamingos or Episode 21: Pangolins.

2. The PurrrCast

The PurrrCast

The Purrrcast is a show dedicated to, you guessed it, cats! Here, the hosts interview fellow cat owners about the ins and outs of their feline companionship. Each episode centers around one or two lucky kitties, brought to you by the devoted owner who loves them. If you can’t get enough discussion about cats–and let’s face it, you can never get enough–then this is the podcast for you. These crazy cat folks cover the physical features, temperament, and purrsonality that makes each cat unique yet equally lovable. A few episodes, like #126: Cindy aka @foster_kittens – Kitty B&B also cover cat cafes and shelters in the Los Angeles area to help potential cat owners/friends find their furry soulmates. Listen to the Purrrcast for all the feels without the physical fur (you will need a real cat for that).

*Bonus Show: The PurrCast

When searching for the Purrrcast, you may come across The PurrCast (2 Rs). For the cat lover this show will not disappoint. It is literally recordings of different cats purring. The episodes are short and to the point. But you still get that gratifying feeling that comes from hearing a happy cat. Have you heard that recent studies suggest the vibrations of a pur could help with your body’s healing process? Maybe throwing on this podcast the next time you are sick will aid in your recovery. Maybe not, but at least you will feel good on the inside.

3. Animals to the Max

Animals to the Max Podcast

You may recognize Corbin Maxey as a modern day “animal guy,” and you would be correct! Corbin has been all over the world working with reptiles, vultures and everything in between. He is a biologist and an all around animal fanatic. He now has his very own podcast to share his knowledge and passion for animals with the world. Each episode features an interview with someone else who is equally passionate and dedicated to helping animals thrive. His guests represent the wide variety of opportunities there are to work with and help wildlife, like the peregrine falcon expert in Episode 9: My Dream Job: Saving Birds of Prey. Most noteworthy, Corbin uses his enthusiasm and charisma to share the many opportunities there are out there to interact and work with animals of all kinds.

4. Strange Animals Podcast

Strange Animals Podcast

The Strange Animals Podcast is all about the wild species that have walked the Earth. This show combines two of my favorite things: animals and intrigue. Each episode covers a specific type of animal. Some are real and living like Episode 16: Jellyfish, some are legend, and some that are now extinct but equally interesting like Episode: 34: Saber-toothed Animals. The host does a great job of researching and presenting all the facts about each interesting tale (or tail) while keeping things lighthearted yet enticing. Therefore, to learn about the most fascinating species, make sure you check out the Strange Animals Podcast.

5. The Casual Birder

The Casual Birder Podcast

How much do you know about the birds around you? What about the birds around England? No matter your answers, I bet you will learn more by listening to The Casual Birder Podcast. The show details different species of birds encountered by the host, often in her own backyard. Honestly, I am not a big bird watcher. But I do find the specifics of each bird type fascinating. After listening to this show I am more apt to notice the neighborhood fowl around me. Not all birds she covers are local, like episodes #9: Penguins Part One and #10: Penguins II. Any bird watcher would benefit from listening to this show, from novice to expert. And if you don’t yet watch them but are interested, then here is a good place to start!

6. Whoa! Podcast

Whoa! Podcast

I believe Whoa! is the longest running show on my list which means they must be doing something right. This podcast can best be described as all things horse. Each episode is different. They often feature an interview with a rancher, rider, author, cowboy, or someone who is making a splash in the equestrian world. A great example is the episode with Vicki Wilson New Zealand Horsewoman, where they discuss her journey to the Road to the Horse 2017. In other episodes like Road Trip to Nashville, the hosts share highlights of their trips to cities that are prominent in the horseman’s world (and usually located in the southern or western United States). Here, they do a great job of sharing their favorite places and experiences as well as all the cowboy-esque happenings the area has to offer. Furthermore, if you are interested in horses or are looking for ways to bring a little more equine into your life, be sure to give this one a listen.

6 Best Animal Podcasts

Those are my 6 favorite animal podcasts! Thank you for reading about them. I hope you and the little ones in your life find these shows as interesting and informative as I do. You are never too old to stop learning, and I guarantee you will do so after giving these shows a listen! And I hope feeding you inner animal lover will inspire you to be kind to and think about the animals in your life and around the world. They are all remarkable creatures and deserve our respect.

Finally, I want to thank the podcast creators for all of their hard work and the time they put into creating these fantastic shows. They continue to share the passions and insights with us all, and I would not be nearly as entertained without them!

What is your favorite animal podcast?

Did your favorite animal podcast not make the list? Maybe I missed it! I want to hear about the kid friendly podcasts you listen to, and any suggestions you may have for people interested in animals. Leave a comment below! Or visit my contact page today to send me an email. I would love to hear from you!

6 Best Animal Podcasts