Thank you for visiting! I’m Nikki, a graphic designer and self-proclaimed podcast addict. I have spent years listening to all kinds of shows and I want to help spread the joy that can come from finding a great podcast you can connect with.

I truly believe there is a podcast (at least one!) for everyone. They just have to find them. I know it can be difficult to sift through so many options without a clear idea of what you are getting yourself into beforehand. Cover art and a one sentence description can only get you so far. That is where this blog comes in.

What to Expect

I offer reviews, lists, and spotlights on my favorite shows and episodes. Consider this site a personal guide through the wide world of podcasts. I try to keep a wide variety of content so anyone who reads my posts can find a show they enjoy. Promoting indie and newer podcasts is important to me, too. There are so many good shows put together by everyday people who deserve to be mentioned and praised!

So go ahead, check out my posts. And give me feedback. I want to know what you like/don’t like/are looking for. This all helps me provide a better reference for listeners like you and me.