Welcome to the blog’s first Special Spotlight post. Each month I present a detailed podcast review of one of my favorite shows. I will also add some of my favorite episodes at the end as a good starting point. I’m sure once you start listening, you will make it through all the episodes in no time.

The Podcast Review

Being October I wanted to focus on a show that brings both thrills and chills with the help of history. That is why I chose The Conspirators. In each episode, the show covers a different strange, historical tale of dark topics such as witchcraft, murder, torture and/or survival. All are said to be true. All are backed up with more than adequate research.

Some episodes tell one specific tale of heroism or bewilderment such as Episode 5: Girl on the Water. This one shares the remarkable story of Terry Jo Duppernault, a girl who survived for days alone drifting at sea after escaping a murderous, maritime tragedy.

Other episodes focus on a particular macabre idea with a historical overview of it. This includes prehistoric records, the recent past, and everything in between. These tales are strung together seamlessly, allowing you to get lost in intrigue and astonishment. Episode 42: The Call is one guaranteed to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand while you contemplate the powers of technology.

Episodes are non-sequential. Listen in whatever order you choose. With such a wide range of topics you will be sure to find (at least) one of interest. However, I warn you to not judge every episode by its title. With this show you can never be sure where the story will take you.

My Favorite Parts

I like this podcast because of the array of subjects and the breadth of information. Nate Hale (a self-proclaimed fictional identity) does a great job of digging up the topic’s origins and any scientific or logical explanations that attempt to debunk to idea. You are usually left with a hint of skepticism to such “proof” though, and inclined to believe that the legend may in fact be more reliable. He includes stories and reports from as recent as the 2010s. This gives the perception that these themes sometimes thought to be happenings from the past, might in fact still be at play. Each episode brings its own chilling reaction. They will leave you questioning the world around you.

One of my favorite parts of every episode is what I like to call “where in the world is Nate Hale”. The host introduces himself in a humorous location relevant to the subject. This little intro brings a laugh and allows you to blow off some steam before diving deep into the story.

If you are looking for a well researched, entertaining podcast to give you the creeps in preparation for Halloween (or any time of the year if you’re like me) look no further than The Conspirators.

The Conspirators podcast review

Suggested Episodes

Episode 30: Isle of the Dead*
*Side Note: This is one of the creepiest podcast episodes out there. I warn you that the last story here may stick with you a while, like it has with me.

Episode 12: The House Guest

Episode 29: The Night Lincoln Died