I would like to take a minute to introduce myself and my blog. I’m Nikki, a self-proclaimed podcast addict. I truly believe there is a podcast (at least one!) for everyone. They just have to find them. Well, I am hear to help! I offer reviews, lists, and news on my favorite shows and episodes. I act as your personal guide through the wide world of podcasts.

Discovering Podcasts

As a graphic designer I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer by myself. For years I listened to music every day on Pandora and Spotify but it was getting old. All of my stations and playlists ended up sounding alike and it was hard to find new music that kept me entertained while also focused on my work.

Plus, I was feeling segregated from the rest of society. Every day I was  by myself listening to the same songs over and over without any fresh ideas, knowledge, or human interaction flowing my way. It was draining to say the least. But that all changed when I discovered podcasts.

In 2015, a friend who also had a lonely office job urged me to listen to Serial. She said it was captivating, intriguing and made her day fly by. I was out of new Pandora stations to play, so I pulled up iTunes on my desktop and gave it a try. What a life changer! I listened to the entire first season in about 3 days and could not turn it off! I found myself eagerly going into work early so I could continue with the story. Bringing it up in any conversation I could got interesting.

*Me to client: So here is how your business card will look. Notice the background graphic slightly resembles the state of Maryland. Speaking of Maryland, did you hear about Adnan Syed’s case in Baltimore…*

Okay so maybe I wasn’t that obvious, but you get the picture.

Serial Podcast

Serial, the podcast that started it all for me

I finished Serial… now what?

Serial is only so long. By the end of the week I was back to where I started… silence. So I listened to it again. Then, before hitting replay for the second time I decided to see what else was out there. That was when I realized the amount of shows available to virtually everyone for free! It was like unlocking a treasure box. I got into a few that really held my attention and had many episodes so I could listen to them back-to-back throughout the day.

However, it was hard for me to make a decision on what new shows to try next. There were just so many! And a paragraph description and some cover art on iTunes were not very helpful in understanding what the show was about. I mostly stuck to my few favorites while hesitantly clicking on a new one every now and then. I found myself either disappointed, unimpressed, or the hosts unable to hold my attention.

Finding My People

Then in 2016, I had another ‘life-changing’ online encounter that really threw me into my current, full-fledged podcast addiction. I joined the Facebook group Podcasts We Listen To. At that time there were about 1,500 members. It was a more personal group where I quickly started recognizing members and the suggestions they were making. The suggestions were great and just kept coming.

The group grew quickly and put together lists of all different genres of podcasts from history to audio dramas to comedy. It was so much more helpful reading what other fans had to say about a show rather than the quick iTunes description and the mixed reviews from listeners.

Don’t get me wrong, reviews can be helpful! But I find often times people get stuck on particular issues like voice inflection, for example, rather than reviewing the podcast as a whole. Plus I don’t know those people’s preferences so how can I know if I like what they like? This group solved those problems. I had people whose opinions I trusted offering a plethora of options, and always at hand!

Podcasts We Listen To

My addiction-fueling Facebook group has now evolved into it’s own podcast that interviews show hosts from all genres!

From then on, I was hooked. I quit my Pandora One subscription and devoted myself wholly to podcast listening. I started listening at home while cleaning, running, driving. Hell, I even started bring headphones to the grocery store with me. It is so refreshing to hear about topics that I wouldn’t think about otherwise or learning more about the ones that captivate me. I love the connection and intimacy that comes from listening to a show. I also joined other podcast communities and realized that podcast listeners are some of the best people out there! And sharing and discussing shows with others adds even more connection with others.

I found the human interaction and flow of knowledge I had been yearning for. To this day I can’t get enough!

Becoming your Personal Guide through the Wide World of Podcasts

Unfortunately, most of the people in my day-to-day life do not listen to podcasts. They are like I was before – unknowing of what they are missing and unclear of where to start. I will say, “hey you should listen to podcasts!” but I am always faced with the same responses.

How do I listen to them?

Which ones should I listen to?

What are your favorite shows?

Are there other shows I would like?

Since everyone is different I am hesitant to tell people what shows to start with. Just because I liked one doesn’t mean everyone will. And the last thing I want is for someone to be completely turned off of podcasting simply because they didn’t agree with one show. It has happened before and it breaks my heart! I wanted to use my knowledge and experience to help others get as much enjoyment and fulfillment out of podcasts as I do.

So I came up with a solution: start a blog that reviews and presents various podcasts from all genres. That way, potential listeners can get a feel of what a show is about and if they find it interesting, they can go and give it a listen. If not, move onto to the next post. Use Nikki’s Podcasts as a reference, a starting point, or an index to (in my opinion) the best podcasts out there.

Your Personal Guide through the Wide World of Podcasts

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