It is that time of year again. The nights are getting longer, the days are getting colder, and things are starting to go bump in the night. ‘Tis the season for paranormal encounters and spooky stories. Since Halloween is right around the corner, I figured I would kick things off with a list of podcasts that share some of the most hair-raising tales around. Whether fact or fiction, these stories are sure to keep you up at night.

1. Knock Once For Yes

Knock Once for Yes Podcast

This is great podcast from across the pond that celebrates a wide variety of paranormal activity. Hauntings, legends and personal stories make up just a fraction of the topics covered by hosts Lil and Fitz in this spooky show. They will usually recount a supernatural tale and then discuss their thoughts on the encounter, examining possible explanations and what parts stuck out to them as extraordinarily eerie. They often share narratives submitted by listeners–not all of them being creepy. Some are endearing tales of run ins with loved ones or pets who have passed on. In other episodes, the hosts travel to known haunted areas like old battlefields or antique castles and relay their experiences and findings there. Knock Once for Yes is a fascinating, yet spine tingling look into the unknown that you won’t want to miss.


2. Unearthly Podcast

Unearthly Paranormal Podcast

Unearthly Paranormal Stories will chill you to the bone with it’s spine tingling stories. The host retells actual encounters with added music and effects for the ultimate, frightful listening experience. Most of these stories are not overly dramatic. They are subtle and take their time getting under your skin, working their way between the logical and the unknown. Before you know it you are fully immersed in intrigue and horror. It’s like you want to turn it off but can’t because you just have to know how it ends. I binge listened to this one and I highly recommend you do the same. Just think twice about turning off the light that night when you go to sleep.


3. Two Girls One Ghost

Two Girls One Ghost Podcast

Two Girls One Ghost is like the My Favorite Murder of paranormal activity. Hosts Sabrina and Corrine take turns telling creepy stories of unexplained phenomena while simultaneously scaring the crap out of each other in a hilarious yet relatable fashion. Don’t let the name fool you, they cover much more than just ghost stories. From cryptids to demons, these ladies cover all types of supernatural occurrences. And, spoiler alert, they rarely find logical answers. Every few episodes they share listener encounters which might actually be the scariest episodes as you know there is some truth to each terrifying tale. Let these endearing, self-proclaimed ‘ghostesses’ take you on a ride of intrigue and humor by listening to this podcast.


4. Ghosts in the Burbs

Ghosts in the Burbs Podcast

This show is one of my all-time favorite audio dramas. It is the perfect mix of middle class suburbia, witty humor and paranormal activity. Follow along with host Liz Sower’s quest to feed her ghost story blog with tales told to her by her Massachusetts neighbors. Each episode shares the story of a different post from a seemingly typical American suburbanite who is haunted by at least one unexplained encounter or event. The host’s spooked reactions and confessed apprehensions mirror the freight and intrigue that come as you listen to stories about haunted relics, homes, forests and more. Start this one from the beginning so you don’t miss anything. These stories are fictional but I guarantee they will keep you on the edge of your seat and out of the dark.


5. Monsters Among Us

Monsters Among Us Podcast

With Monsters Among Us, you can keep up the terror while taking a break from ghosts and ghouls. This show shares true tales about listener sightings of more tangible things that go bump in the night. Cryptid creatures, UFOs, and unknown forces are among the creepy encounters covered. At the end of each tale host Derek Hayes reviews the case and offers both ‘logical’ and paranormal explanations. However, very few of these tales are easy to reason into sanity. After listening to this podcast you may think twice about venturing out alone at night.


6. Anything Ghost

Anything Ghost Podcast

Anything Ghost is one of the longest running podcasts out there, sharing true paranormal stories since 2006. Host Lex Wahl shares listener submitted stories of creepy, explainable encounters. Some are recounted by the listeners themselves, others Lex will personally read aloud. Some story tellers share their names, locations and/or family history while others prefer to remain anonymous. There are usually 3-5 stories per episode. The variety keeps things interesting. For true tales of fright and unexplained phenomena, be sure to give this one a listen.


7. Scary Stories Told in the Dark

Scary Stories Told in the Dark Podcast

I have always been a horror story lover and this show brings me back to the days of R.L. Stein and Are You Afraid of the Dark? Each episode shares terrifying tales of fiction written by up-and-coming and/or independent authors. The stories are enhanced with sound engineering and frightful music soundtracks to heighten the creep factor of each one. Subjects vary from demons to cryptids to completely unexplained. The host’s deep voice and intonation matches the dark undertones of the narratives and leaves you questioning what is real and what is just make believe. With over 50 episodes available, there is no shortage of terror here.


8. Ghost Press

Ghost Press Podcast

This is possibly the newest podcast on the list, but I guarantee it is no less frightening than the others. Ghost Press breathes new life into old stories by retelling tales of ghost encounters and unexplained activity that were once printed in the newspapers of the past. As one review puts it, “It’s like creepy pasta for classy people.” The creepiest part of these is realizing every story is at least based on true events, and were once compelling enough for a journalist to include it in their day’s new and noteworthy events. The host’s soothing voice contrasts with the spine-tingling subjects for an added eerie effect. If your in the mood for a classic scare, check out Ghost Press.


9. Scare You to Sleep

Scare You to Sleep is not filled with sound effects and screams like others. Instead, each listener submitted story is shared by host Shelby Scott in a calm, monotone style that is a soothing juxtaposition to the often sinister content being told. Most of the subjects focus on paranormal entities or ghostly encounters. Some stories are based on true events while others are terrifying tales of fiction. Every one is intriguing, disturbing and will make you question turning off the lights at night.

There you have it–the best paranormal podcasts around. If you make it through this list, don’t expect to rest easy tonight. Ghosts and paranormal activity are some of my favorite topics to listen to and I just love sharing these amazing shows with you all. Thank you so much for checking them out! I also need to thank to podcast hosts and creators for putting together these magnificent shows. Without them I would have nothing to share with you all and my days would be infinitely less interesting.

What are your favorite paranormal podcasts to listen to?

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If you’re really feeling the season and want even more creepiness I suggest checking out last year’s fall show list, 5 Creepy Podcast Episodes for Fall. No matter where you are I hope you have a wonderful Halloween holiday filled with fright and fun. Stay safe spooky friends, and watch out for the things that go bump in the night!