Personal Best, a laid back self-improvement show from CBC Podcasts, is releasing the first episode of their second season this Tuesday, May 14, 2019. I got some inside scoop from the team behind the show and from what I have gathered, we can expect more intimacy without losing any of the sincerity or entertainment of Season One.

Personal Best is a show that aims to help guests achieve tiny goals in whatever creative way possible. Each episode features the story of someone who wishes to make an improvement in their life, overcome a fear, or obtain a goal that is as unique as they are.

Season one covered everything from successfully ordering off a restaurant menu to birthing a calf (yes, you read that right) for instance. The hosts aren’t exactly professionals when it comes to achieving goals. But that doesn’t stop them from doing anything they can come up with to help guests attain their little wins.

Host Rob Norman tells me that while their new season focuses on similar subjects, “it feels more intentional and personal–both in the stories we chose and the way we decided to tell them.” He says the stories also reveal a bit more about the hosts themselves than the first season, too.

“Although Andrew and I aren’t the main focus of each episode (the guest always takes the spotlight) there’s some very revealing moments in the activities we picked and questions we asked our experts.”

Similarly, I was curious what area of Rob’s own life he was looking to improve. His answer–self endorsement. “I’d love to feel less weird talking about myself,” he explains. “Even promoting this show is really hard. I want to say ‘I’m really proud of this podcast and I’m so excited for you to hear it’. But it always comes out: ‘Yeah, I made a podcast or whatever. But what are you up to?’ ”

Hopefully after today, our answer to that will be listening to his show and working on our own tiny goals. So, catch Season Two of Personal Best here. It is also available on iTunes, Stitcher or wherever you get your podcasts. Look for a new episode out each week and be sure to follow the show on Twitter at @personalbestCBC.

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