Welcome to January’s Special Spotlight. Every few months I present a detailed review of one of my favorite shows. This month I chose a newer show than I normally would, but I love it so much already that I want to share with you all. I added some of my favorite episodes at the end of the post for you to start with if you want to give it a listen. Now, onto the review.

The NEW Podcast Review

Southern Mysteries is a brand-spanking-new show brought to you by “a couple of chicks from the sticks” who share the local legends and lore they grew up on with the rest of the world through interviews, research and light-hearted banter. Each episode covers a new mystery, tale, or scandal–all of which come from the southern United States. This area of the country is full of history and folklore so there is no shortage of topics.

Show Highlights

I love that each one is unique. One week you hear about an unsolved cold case which took place in the South like in Episode 6: Death Keeps A Tryst – Thomas Hotard & Audrey Moate. This one covers the famous unsolved murder mystery with help from the retired detective who actually worked the case. His interview and the theories he presents are fascinating and bring a whole new light to this nearly 60 year old case. And of course the ladies keep things both respectful and entertaining while discussing such a tragedy.

Don’t be quick to judge and write this one off as another true crime podcast, though. Before you know it you will be laughing out loud listening to one of their lighter topics. Episode 5: How Do You Put A Sweater On A Turkey? is a great example where they cover a wacky news article from the early 1900s and try to find some validity and/or reasoning for it. You will find yourself laughing at the origins of the story as well as their reactions which are truly authentic and charming.

All episodes are individual topics, so don’t worry about listening in any particular order. Since this show is so new, they only have a handful of episodes out right now. It did not take me long to zip through them and I am eagerly awaiting new releases!

My Favorite Parts

Part of why I love this podcast is the wide array of subject material. It is truly a mixed bag, from criminals to ghosts and everything in between. However, they are all tied together through location. And entertaining! They have yet to present a topic that didn’t captivate my interest the whole way through. That also may be in part to their preparation. These ladies present no shortage of research, history and facts to outline each tale completely.

The other thing that makes me love this show is simply the hosts themselves. They are endearing and engaging. You can tell that they are genuinely enjoying themselves and that makes you enjoy them, too. I have heard them saying they never try to be funny but every episode has me laughing. They have a good vibe together and it comes across the air beautifully.

If you want a show that feels like a conversation about history and mystery with your best friend, be sure to give Southern Mysteries a listen!


Southern Mysteries podcast

Suggested Episodes

Episode 3: The Legend of the Pope Lick Monster

Episode 9: Lands End Road