November 1, 2017– Westside Fairytales, the terrifying horror anthology podcast by acclaimed writer Tyler Bell, is set to release the first episode of its second season Nov. 3. The first episode, β€œSo Long Roscoe,” will drop that Friday evening.

Westside Fairytales is an anthology horror series of individual stories that all take place in the same connected universe. The first season saw download numbers in the thousands despite the podcast being a fully independent effort, with no connection to any major studio.

The podcast is released every two weeks for the duration of the ten-episode season. It can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.

Tyler Bell is a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, who served three tours during Operation Iraqi Freedom. His work in the journalism industry earned him several awards for reporting and photography.

Follow Westside Fairytales online at Westside Fairytales on Facebook and Instagram, and @WSFairytales on Twitter.

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